Exciting Updates
Our Move to a New Data Center
18 May, 2024 by
Exciting Updates
Jacobus Erasmus (Director)

At Ivyweb (Pty) Ltd, we are always striving to improve our services and provide you with the best possible solutions. As part of this commitment, we are thrilled to announce that we have moved to a new data center to significantly enhance our capacity and service offerings. This transition brings several exciting improvements that will benefit your business directly.

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The Timeline

  • Start Date: 24th April
  • Completion Date: 31st May
  • Service Migration: All services should be fully operational on the new servers by 25th May.
  • Embedding Period: From 25th May to 31st May, we will closely monitor the performance to ensure everything operates smoothly.
Why the Move?

The primary reason for our move is to increase our capacity and improve the efficiency of our services. The new data center allows us to:

  • Increase the number of CPUs by 3 times
  • Boost RAM by 8 times

These enhancements mean that we can scale our resources much quicker and implement solutions more efficiently, particularly in areas such as:

  • IT SLA services
  • VOIP services
  • Internet services
  • Virtual Machine and Container hosting

What’s Involved in Moving a Data Center?

Adding and Installing Hardware

  • Planning: Detailed planning to determine the hardware requirements for the new data center.
  • Procurement: Sourcing high-quality servers, storage devices, networking equipment, and other essential hardware.
  • Installation: Physically installing the hardware in the new facility, ensuring proper setup and configuration.

Software Migration

  • Data Transfer: Migrating software and data from the old servers to the new ones, which involves careful planning to avoid data loss.
  • Testing: Rigorous testing to ensure that all software operates correctly on the new hardware.
  • Deployment: Deploying the software on the new infrastructure and verifying that it runs smoothly.

Internet Connectivity and DNS Updates

  • Network Configuration: Setting up network connections to ensure seamless internet connectivity.
  • DNS Updates: Updating DNS records to point to the new servers, ensuring that all services remain accessible during and after the transition.

 Monitoring and Optimization

  • Performance Monitoring: Continuously monitoring the performance of the new servers to identify and resolve any issues promptly.
  • Optimization: Fine-tuning the systems to enhance performance and ensure optimal service delivery.

How Will This Affect You?

During the embedding period, from the 25th to the 31st of May, we will be closely monitoring the performance of our services to ensure everything operates smoothly. If you encounter any issues or disruptions, please contact us immediately:

  • Jacobus: 084 251 6888
  • Waldo: 082 875 5392

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition. This move is a significant step forward in enhancing our capacity and service delivery, and we are confident that it will provide you with an even better experience.

Exciting Updates
Jacobus Erasmus (Director) 18 May, 2024
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